When to Use this Guide

This guide is intended to address the following use cases:

You need to establish a new AWS environment for production workloads

This guide is primarily intended for AWS customers who need to get an initial proof of value workload into production, but don’t already have a suitable AWS environment established.

Independent of the type and size of workload you intend to deploy to production, you’ll need a suitable AWS environment in which to test and operate it.

You might already have an AWS account in which you’ve performed early experiments, but that account might not be suitable for supporting formal development, testing, and deployment of a production quality workloads.

If you’re not sure whether your organization has the necessary skills to set up and maintain an AWS environment that’s suitable for production workloads, you can review the Required Knowledge section. It will help you understand the requirements and provide references to AWS partners and sales teams that assist you.

You’re considering enhancing your existing AWS environment

You might already have workloads in production in your AWS environment, but you’d like to review this guide to determine if there are capabilities and techniques that could be applied to your existing AWS environment.

Alternatively, you might decide to set up a new AWS environment using this guide and move your existing AWS accounts to your new AWS environment.

You want to learn how to set up an AWS environment for production use

You simply want to learn best practices for setting up an AWS environment so that you can use this knowledge in your current role.