Attach Development VPC to Transit Gateway

In this section, you’ll attach the common development VPC to the transit gateway and update the VPC’s route table to route on-premises network traffic to the transit gateway.

Attaching team development VPC does not require resource sharing: The team development VPC is created and managed in the same network-prod AWS account in which your transit gateway was created. Consequently, you do not need to share the transit gateway resource in order to attach the common team development VPC to your transit gateway. However, since your other VPCs will reside in separate AWS accounts, you will need to enable resource sharing and share the transit gateway in order to attach those VPCs. You will enable resource sharing of your transit gateway in another section.

1. Attach team development VPC to your transit gateway

Create a VPC attachment to your transit gateway for your common team development VPC.

  1. As a Cloud Administrator, use your personal user to log into AWS SSO.
  2. Select the network-prod AWS account
  3. Select Management console associated with the AWSAdministratorAccess role.
  4. Select the appropriate AWS region.
  5. Navigate to VPC
  6. Select Transit Gateway Attachments in the left navigation panel
  7. Select Create Transit Gateway Attachment
  8. Provide settings for the fields:
Field Recommendation
Transit Gateway ID Select your transit gateway
Attachment type VPC
Attachment tag name For example, use the same name as the VPC resource: infra-dev-vpc
DNS support checked
IP v6 support only check if you are using IP v6 - otherwise, leave unchecked
VPC ID Select the common team development VPC
Subnet IDs Select all of the private subnets in the VPC
  1. Select Create attachment

2. Update team development VPC route table

In this step, you’ll update the route table for each of the private subnets in the dev-infra-shared VPC to add an entry to route traffic destined to your on-premises network to the transit gateway.

  1. Select Route Tables
  2. For each of the private subnets, modify the route table:
  3. Select route table entry in the list
  4. Select the Routes tab
  5. Select Edit routes
  6. Add a new route:
Field Recommendation
Destination Specify the CIDR range of your on-premises network
Target Select your transit gateway. For example, infra-main

Routing internet bound traffic to on-premises: If you choose to route all internet bound traffic back through your on-premises network, you can add another route for in your route tables. You can use this approach as a temporary measure to direct all internet bound traffic through your existing on-premises network security services. Once you establish those services in your AWS environment, you can update the routing configuration as appropriate.