Intended Audience

Your technologists who will manage your AWS environment

This guide is primarily intended to be used by your technologists who will be responsible for establishing and maintaining your initial AWS environment. These technologists will make up the initial form of your “cloud foundation” or “cloud platform” team.

Depending on your organization, the size of your team that’s responsible for setting up the initial form of your AWS environment might range from a single technologist to multiple people.

Your business workload owners

Typically, you’ll have another set of technologists who are responsible for owning the first few “workloads” to be hosted on AWS. Examples of workloads include existing applications or data that are to be migrated from on-premises to the cloud or new data and application services.

Your workload owners are customers of your cloud foundation team and will benefit from the environments and documentation the foundation team establishes by following this guide.

In some cases, the same team is responsible for both establishing and maintaining the initial AWS environment and bringing the first several proof of value workloads to production.

Collectively: “Builders”

At AWS we refer to both your workload-oriented technologists - application developers, data engineers, data scientists, data analysts - and your security and infrastructure oriented cloud foundation team members as “builders” in that they are all responsible for building value using the AWS platform.