Required Knowledge

Assistance from AWS and partners

This guide has been developed with a goal of providing enough detail so that you can establish an initial cloud foundation in support of development, test, and production environments on your own.

However, if you’re new to AWS and doesn’t have the necessary skills, you will likely benefit from working with subject matter experts to help you navigate through this early stage of formally establishing a foundation on AWS.

Introductory level knowledge requirements

Although in-depth knowledge of the following topics is not absolutely required to make use of this guide, it’s recommended that your initial Cloud Foundation team members achieve at least an introductory level of knowledge of these topics prior to using this guide:

In cases where you expect to deploy workloads that require network resources in AWS, having at least an introductory level of knowledge of the following topics will be useful:

AWS Ramp-up Guide: Architect

AWS Training and Certification offers a series of ramp-up guides to help you get started with AWS. One particular guide of note that you may consider reviewing is the AWS Ramp Up Guide - Architect

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Another means of gaining an introduction to AWS is to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Knowledge requirements for builder teams

Since this guide is oriented primarily toward your initial Cloud Foundation Team, not all of the required areas of knowledge listed above apply to your builder teams, the initial teams who will be doing work on AWS. The Getting Started Guide for Builder Teams introduces resources for your builder teams to get started in your AWS environment including resources to get started with AWS in general.